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Coconut Cups (Set of 4)

₹ 800

Introducing our Coconut Cups - a tropical twist to elevate your sipping experience! Crafted from real coconuts, these cups bring the paradise vibes to your everyday indulgence.

Each cup boasts a unique design and natural texture, taking you straight to a beachside paradise with every sip. Whether you're enjoying a refreshing cocktail, a tropical smoothie, or even just your morning coffee, these coconut cups will instantly transport you to an oasis of relaxation.

With their smooth surface and sturdy, eco-friendly construction, they are the perfect companion for indoor and outdoor gatherings alike. Embrace the island spirit and add a touch of exotic charm to your party, picnic, or daily routine.

Upgrade your drinking game and let our Coconut Cups be your gateway to a taste of tropical paradise. Unleash your wanderlust and sip in style!